Responsibility and Our Values Shift

Thanks to social media and the entertainment industry, most people spend valuable time waiting to hit the jackpot. That’s an overly simplistic view of how we got here I know, but for times sake, I’m moving on. The problem with waiting for the fame and fortune lottery is that this “hope” is not rooted in reality and you generally end up with a lot of wasted time and regret.

What I’m finding to be true, is that Jesus values faithfulness and responsible stewardship with what we have now, more than someday hitting it big. The reality for the majority of us is that faithful and responsible stewardship with what we have now is actually the ticket to increase.

We’ve been sold a lie of instant gratification, christian celebrity and we’ve placed values on things that God does not value. In eternity, internal charichter and fiathfulness to what Jesus has entrusted us with, will carry MUCH MORE WEIGHT than doing it big. I’m not saying that big dreams are bad, but if our success is based on size and worldy standards, our priorities are misplaced at best.

At the very beginning, God placed Adam and Eve in the garden and told them to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the whole earth.” That’s a pretty BIG vision, but it wasn’t a get rich quick scheme. It also wasn’t something Adam could even fulfil in Himself. Adam was supposed to do his part by working and tending the garden (what God entrusted him with) and making one baby at a time.



I’ve been wrestling. I’m just going to be completely honest here, because really, that’s what we need more of. We need dialogue, we need transparency, we need each other. Feel free to disagree, but do it respectfully. My thoughts and opinions are my own and I take full responsibility for them. I guarantee I’ll disagree with you on something, but I also guarantee I’m willing to hear and try to understand where you’re coming from, but I digress…

I’ve been wrestling. Wrestling with what it means to be a man, a husband and a father. Being a new husband causes such musings 🙂 I’ve been wrestling with fear, faith and what grace really means. I’ve been thinking about the homosexual issue and how the church should truly respond. I’ve been wrestling with my comfort zone, safety and how to truly obey Jesus. I’ve been trying, pretty miserably, to get some clear vision for where I’m headed. I’ve been thinking about what church really means and the state of Christianity in America. Truth be told, you’ve probably been wrestling with some of the same things.

There is so much going on inside my head and heart, so I’m going to start writing again. Writing because I believe we need biblical clarity on these things more now than ever. That’s not to say everything I write will bring that clarity, but it’s a start. If nothing less it will help me work through some things and you can come along for the ride. I’m writing again because it’s an art form I enjoy and I feel compelled to share some things.

So what can you expect from this blog space? I’ll be posting at least once a week on Monday’s, sometimes more. Most of my posts will focus on Fatherhood/Manhood, Leadership and Following Jesus. I invite you to join the conversation.

Following to Lead

Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

It seems to me that if we “can do nothing” apart from Christ, then  leadership falls into that category as well. Isn’t that an interesting thought? You can’t truly lead or father from Jesus. No, really, take a second to think about that!

What this means is that we must be connected to and following Jesus ourselves, first, before we can lead anyone else. That’s the only way to true and lasting fruit in our lives and those we lead.

Are you following to lead?

Hard Things

fatherThere is no Father better than God.

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”  God gives good gifts to us, He’s ALWAYS looking out for our good…ALWAYS.  But more than that…

God is love.  He demonstrates His love by showing that He’s willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for our good.

If we are to be the best fathers we can be, there is no other way but love and complete self sacrifice. We are REQUIRED to give our lives for our wives, children and those we disciple. This is not an easy thing, but the reality is…

It’s not about us anymore.

Thoughts on Becoming a Reliable Man

THIS post by Josh Christopherson is one of my favorite blog posts in a while. In it, Josh lays out a biblical definition for what it looks like to be a reliable man and challenges us with the question: Are you that man?

There are many areas I need to grow in to be considered reliable, faithful and consistent, but I’m committed to the process and Jesus is committed to getting me there. Continue reading